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Bringing children of different conditions to enjoy basic rights of children’s rights.

Poor children living in remote areas facing difficulties enjoy equal right to access to basic education for their intellectual, social and cultural development. The ones in forced labor are liberated for schooling.

Young orphans not attending school get vocational training and receive a capital to begin their preferable small enterprise for their livelihood.

Children with disabilities have full enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedom on equal basis with other children, access to education, then integrated in formal school, vocational training and life skills.

Children are protected against illicit use of narcotic drugs and prevented from being instrument for trafficking of such substances.

Orphan children of aids families receive food support allowing them to continue their learning. The ones ending their vocational training get a capital to start their small business, a bridge for a new life with dignity.

Landmine victims and other disabled people are empowered by managerial, technical and life skills training, then provided with professional kits to start their business, for a better standing of life.

Rural women and girls are fixed in their rural community to reduce emigration by empowerment with practical knowledge of women rights of human rights, enabling them to run their business with financial power for good life standing of the family that can support their children’s learning.

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Address: Operations Enfants du Cambodge (OEC)
No 23 , Sophy II, Rattanak commune, Battambang city, Battambang province, Cambodia
Tel: +855(0) 53 952 752