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Operations Enfants du Cambodge



To maintain good order in daily work, in the office as well as in operational field, OEC’s staffs shall respect the following administrative policies:

1- Internal Regulations

1.1- Working Discipline:

  1. Working days: 5 days a week from Monday to Friday
  2. Office Work: Morning work: from 7:30 to 11:30
    Afternoon work: from 13:30 to 17:30
  3. Field Operation: Staffs in mission must first join office before going to
    the field, and return back to office before going home.
  4. Field Work: Social workers shall establish activities plan and have their
    own daily schedule.
  5. Capability building: All OEC staffs may start learning English language from
    17:00, and may leave office before 17:00 for joining lesson.
1.2- Holiday:
  1. OEC adopts important National/Public Holidays, designated on a yearly basis by the Royal Government of Cambodia, for government officials and employees, plus annual leave to provide employees with a period of rest time and relaxation. Annual Leave entitlements are based on length of continuous service as outlined in the table below:

    No Category of Staff Entitled Annual Leave
    1 Up to 3 years service 15 days
    2 4 to 6 years service 16 days
    3 7 to 9 years service 17 days
    4 Over 9 years service 18 days

    This length of time excludes Saturday and Sunday. The concerned may ask for Annual leave in 2 or 3 or in the whole period under the condition of discussing and arranging suitably with their supervisor, and to fill the scheduled time in annual year table, required by admin.

    Any unexpected leave or permission for personal affairs with reasonable cause or proof will be deducted from annual leave, which exclude only sick leave or leave caused by sickness of husband, wife, or children

  2. Sick leave: Every staff member is entitled to a total of twelve (12) sick leave days per year. All sick leaves from 2 days and up must be certified by competent medical institution. No more than six (6) uncertified sick leave days can be taken for consideration per sick leave year.
  3. All leaves taken in personal and absolute necessary reason require permission:
    • A morning/afternoon half-day leave: Direct verbal request or by phone to direct supervisor:
    • A one-day leave: Written request to direct supervisor.
    • A two-day leave: Written request to admin through direct supervisor.
    • A three-day leave: Written request to executive director through direct supervisor and admin.
    • A Maternity leave of one month as prenatal and two months as postnatal.
    • A Fatherhood of one week. 
    • At the beginning of fiscal year, admin asks all sections and project to establish their own preferable timetable for annual leave in paying attention to not disrupting their proper activities and fruitful results, then later admin makes a synthesis of all in a common timetable to be discussed and analyzed again by the meeting of management committee to avoid harming general working flow and to guard responsible people available for strong management of OEC. Readjustment or re-arrangement may be finalized. 
    • Once leave schedule is well done, staff member must submit his/her application for leave, at least one week in advance through his/her own direct supervisor for approval by executive director. 
    • All members of management committee must submit their annual leave through the chairman of management committee for approbation by executive director.
    • In term of member of executive committee, the executive director shall submit his/her application for annual leave through the chairman of management committee for approbation by the chairperson of Board of Director.

    The annual leave-day does not comprise Saturday and Sunday. The staff who have to travel to his/her native village, or join his/her relative outside the province, will beneficiate one day for departure and one day for returning back, time added to the initial 5 days. The trip tickets must be presented by attaching to trip report.

2. Use of organization’s property:
  1. All staffs have to take care of the organization’s property.
  2. All keys of motorbikes must be kept in the administration office.
  3. All motorbikes must be cleaned in every Friday afternoon.
  4. All motorbikes must fill benzene at contracted station in Battambang province, by making record registration number of motorbike, name and signature of the user.
  5. After accomplishing the mission, the motorbike must be kept in the office.
  6. Reparation of motorbike shall be checked and decided by management committee.
  7. All trickery falsifying benzene supply, funds and other materials will first receive a verbal or written warning. In the event of a second offense, the management committee will organize a meeting and expel the guilty from the position.


3. Contract of using OEC’s vehicle:

Kingdom of Cambodia
 Nation Religion King
          * * * * *

Operations Enfants du Cambodge

Contract of using OEC’s vehicle

Name & surname:…………………………. Sex:……….. Position:……………………………...
Project: ………………………… for OEC.
Respect to:
Executive Director of OEC
Subject: Contract of using OEC’s motorbike
As mentioned above, I would like to contract to Operations Enfants du Cambodge that Motorbike, Branch …………………….. with number plate…………………… that OEC allows me to use for working in the project. of OEC.
I would like to promise to OEC that:
1- Responsible for losing.
2- Provide back motorbike when getting a new job with any other organization.
3- During postpone of work, I provide motorbike back to OEC.
4- When stopping working with OEC, I provide motorbike back to OEC.
5- Use a motorbike for organization work, and keep it in office, not at home.
6- Overnight motorbike is kept in OEC office.
* Gasoline usage: OEC provides 50 liters of gasoline for each motorbike per month. Or on the other hand, the gasoline usage is based on the actual expense.
If I don’t respect this contract I will be responsible for Cambodia law. For the proof, I would like to put my thumbprint.
Battambang, date:……………
User’s thumbprint

Seen and Approved
Executive Director


4. Other needs:

4-1. The need of materials or money shall be agreed by the direct supervisor and approved by executive director.

4-2. All staffs may not ask for something not inscribed in the project or not agreed by the donors.

5. Conservation of documents:

  • Documents and minutes must be conserved properly by categories, under responsibility of every project manager. The financial manager is responsible for all financial documents; the administrative manager is responsible for administrative document, everyone depending on its duties and function.
  • All documents must be guarded safely, in order that other people can access to them easily.
  • All important documents must have a copy kept by the administrative manager following chronological system.
6. Communication:

6-1. All sections must have directory of contacted people.
6-2. All correspondence arrived at OEC, must urgently be given to the concerned person.
6-3. All distribution of correspondence must have receiving signature in distribution book.
6-4. All communication with outside institutions must be always communicated to executive director for information.


7. Office installation:
  • Repartition of office installation is the task of management committee.
  • Each section must take care of its own arrangement.
8. Banking:
The administrative manager keeps registration code of keeping book.

9. Ethics:

9.1- OEC staff must respect and comply with the Statute, the Code of Ethical principles and Conduct, and the Child Rights Policy.
9.2- All OEC staff shall respect Cambodian morale and custom by avoiding telling a lie in the intention to alleviate one’s own wrongness.
9.3- Creation of partisans, breaking in groups “separatism” and playing politics are prohibited.
9.4- Fraternity, tolerance, mutual awareness, mutual fulfillment, helping each other, are harmonious relation, and desirable of OEC for durable unit.
9.5- Use of drunken product during working time is prohibited.
9.6- Practicing gambling is prohibited to avoid unfortunately bad consequence.

10. Staff Recruitment:
The process of recruiting staff shall be done following the organizational principles:
10.1- Applicants must answer to all questions listed in the application form. The recruitment committee will not consider any unfulfilled application.
10.2- Publication of conditional recruitment:
  1. Position
  2. Education level and knowledge of Child’s Rights
  3. Deadline of reception
10-3. Screening of applications
  1. Short-list 5 applicants for further selection
  2. Setting appointment date for interview
  3. Interview committee is composed of: Executive director, the concerned project manager, administrative manager and financial manager.
  4. Subjects included in testing: writing, factual practice and knowledgeable questions.
11. Recruitment Procedure:
11.1- Determining position, tasks and responsibilities
  • Responding to each program, as stated in proper job description.
  • Proposed by head of section or project manager, or projects coordinator.
  • Approved by management committee of OEC.

11.2- Recruitment criteria

  • Mentioning age, sex, domicile, education level, specialty, experience, that are conformable to the required position, tasks and responsibilities.
  • CV, curriculum vitae (affirmed by the concerned or local authority)

11.3- Announcement of recruitment

  • In public by publication through diverse institutions, e-mail to related
  • Organizations and through mass-media.
  • Fixing date and place to receive applications
  • Fixing date announcing candidates short listed.
  • Fixing date for interview.

11.4- Selection of Candidates
a). Screenings
A special committee established by the management committee is responsible for:

  • Eliminate candidates whose capacity is not responding to published position and responsibilities.
  • Form criteria for short-list.
  • Select and decide the eligible candidates to be declared short listed.
  • Inform the eligible candidates about date and time to come for an interview (names published at the lieu receiving application or call by phone if possible).

b). Interview

  • Composition of the committee: at least three persons selected by the management committee.
  • Subject for interview: In conformity with the objectives of every Program/project, from three to five subjects.
  • Interview questions: two to three questions for each subject, formulated by the committee, just 30 minutes before interview. To reconsider important questions in the application form again.
  • Questioners: a member creates questions for one subject.
  • Scoring: committee members score according to the marking-scheme set in advance. For numerous candidates, written answers can be used.

c). Final evaluation

  • Do addition of the interview scores, and then calculate the average in function of the scoring members.
  • Do the total of the interview result.
  • Final decision from analysis on the priority order responding to tasks and responsibilities required by announcement.

11.5- Proclamation of the result

  • Proclamation of the result will be posted at the lieu where receiving application, or information by phone.
  • Setting date and time allowing selected candidate to come signing his/her contract to work with the organization.
  • The selected candidate will be briefed on salary, workload, and the agreement to start his/her probation.
  • If the briefing is not acceptable by the selected, a next candidate will be asked for the same way of briefing.
  • When no agreement can be reached, and no choice meets, a new announcement can be proceeded.

11.6- Probation period

  • Selected candidate will sign a probation contract of three months.
  • In probation period, the concerned will support an improvement instruction for working process, capability building, and be observed and then evaluated by the organization to admit him/her as regular staff or to stop his/her work.

11-7: Lateral move of staffs (Amended on 21.03.2011):

  1. Internally OEC, by common agreement with the Management Committee, can move a competent staff, with his/her consent, from one project to another one of the similar importance or level, or from the main office to sub-branch of equal position.
  2. In these cases, if the salary of the previous position is inferior to the new position, in an interval between 10$ to 50$, the moved person can obtain the new salary accepted by the donor agency, because he/she has been moved by service obligation.
  3. In the case that his/her project faces any phase out or reaches an end, his/her move to any new position becomes sympathetic and depends then on existing salary.
11-8: All internal staffs have the right to jump up to higher grade or position through competition test with external candidate(s) when a vacancy has been pronounced.

12- Nomination of staff:

12.1- Staff in position of project manager or project coordinator receives advices directly from the executive director and from the owner of fund:

  1. The project assistant receives advices from direct project manager/coordinator, while social workers receive advices from project assistant and project manager. All OEC staff shall respect Cambodian morale and custom by avoiding telling a lie in the intention to alleviate one’s own wrongness.
  2. Creation of partisans, breaking in groups “separatism” and playing politics are prohibited.
  3. Fraternity, tolerance, mutual awareness, mutual fulfillment and helping each other, are harmonious relation, and desirable of OEC for durable unit.
  4. Use of drunken product during working time is prohibited.
  5. Practicing gambling is prohibited to avoid unfortunately bad consequence.
13. Delegation of power:

In her absence inferior to 1 month, the Executive Director shall delegate her power to one staff managing affairs in her behalf. In case an absence is superior to 1 month, the Executive Director shall appoint an Interim Director, after consulting the Management committee with accord supported by the Board of Directors.

14. Human resource development:

14-1. In project proposal, it should be necessary to include fund for capability building of staff in accordance with the project need.
14-2. Project manager, project coordinator and administrative manager shall have minutes expressing clear cause of sending staff to be trained.
14-3. Staff member going to be trained shall sign an agreement of not leaving OEC within a limit of time, commonly accepted, in function of expense for training fee (inside and outside of the country).

15. Salary scale planned:
  1. Staff salary is planned in three categories: High, Middle and Low.







    Executive Director

    $ 1500

    $ 2000



    Program Coordinator

    $ 900

    $ 1500



    Program Manager

    $ 700

    $ 1000



    Project Manager

    $ 500

    $ 700



    Admin Manager

    $ 500

    $ 700



    Finance Manager

    $ 500

    $ 700



    Assistant Project Manager

    $ 300

    $ 500



    Assistant Admin Manager

    $ 300

    $ 500



    Assistant Financial Manager

    $ 300

    $ 500



    Field Officer

    $ 270

    $ 470




    $ 250

    $ 450



    Social Worker

    $ 250

    $ 350




    $ 200

    $ 300



    Night guard

    $ 100

    $ 150




    $ 100

    $ 150


  2. Increase of salary
    The increase of salary may be applied based on annual individual performance evaluated and on actual economical situation, determined by management committee of OEC (usually 10%).

    New staff, in probation period, gets 80% of scale salary provided by the funding organization; she/he will get full salary (100%) after passing probation period of three months.
  3. Thirteenth month Salary for staff members
16- Tasks for guard and cleaner:
Guard and cleaner are full time workers:
  • Guard: From 17:30 to 6:00
  • Cleaner: From 6:00 to 17:00

17. Encouragement and penalty:
Depending on individual performance appraisal or offense gravity, staff member, based on the fundamental rules of OEC, might have:

a- Encouragement:

  • Verbal compliment in public/general meeting
  • Written Felicitation by executive director, proposed by management committee, or by the Board of Directors, proposed by executive director.
  • Staff member can accept any congratulation by official institution of operational fields.
  • Nomination to new high position
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