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- Paragraph 2 and 3 of the Code of Ethical Principles and Conduct
- General measure to prevent conflict of interest from appearing

1. Definition
An asset, in a large meaning, can include anything that provides economic value to an organization. An asset might be obvious - such as cash, stocks and accounts receivable or real estate. An asset could be something harder to measure - such as inventory, or office equipment. An asset might also be the good name and reputation of the organization. An asset such as the daily operation activities of the organization and work in progress might contribute to positive result that heightens value as well. The term asset covers a broad range of both tangible and intangible items. In short, anything that is owned by organization, whether visible or not, which has the possibility to provide honor, popularity and prestige is called an asset.

Recognizing the above definition, in considering the principles in reference and the practical way aiming at saving democratic governance, preventing conflict of interest and succeeding the mission of the organization, the term asset here considered covers only tangible asset, that means cash, accounts receivable, estate, farm animals, office equipment and vehicles.

2. Composition of Asset Committee (AC)
The Asset Committee is comprised of:

  • One representative selected by management committee, chairman.
  • One representative selected by Staff Association, member.
  • One representative selected by finance section, or admin, member.

After selection, decision accepted by the management committee, admin has to write an appointment note signed by executive director with communication to Board of directors, all projects, sections and staff association for information and cooperation.

3. Mandate of the Asset Committee
The mandate of the asset committee is three years renewable, evaluated by the management committee. Every member may request for resignation, based on his/her fundamental reason, and then a replacement will be done.


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