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 Name of staff

 Degrees and Academic or Distinctions Obtained and Source

 Main Course of Study  Working Experience with time spending  Present Position

Mrs. Tith Davy

 Certificate of:
- Baccalaureate II, opt: Exp/Sc. (1969-70)
- Faculty of Pedagogy (1968-69)
- ACD General English Program level 12 (1997)
- Development Analyisis of Issues
- Women leader program
- College Universitaire, Henry Dunant : Droit à L’Education, Education Pour Tous Et Education Aux Droits De L’homme


- Good Practice Project
- Proposal Writing
- Relationship
- Communication skill
- Management skill
- Logical Framework
- Child Rights
- Resilience

- 9 years as a teacher
- 2 years as interpreter and admin
  assistant for UNHCR
- 3 years Project Administrator
- 13 years as Executive Director
- Conference International

Executive Director from 1996

Mr. Meak Marin

-Certificate of Introduction to Human Rights Education, issued by HREA, Massachusetts, in 2011;
-Certificate of Research and Evaluation in the Human Rights Field issued by HREA, Massachusetts m 2003;
- Certificate of “Participatory Approach to Human Rights” issued by The Asia Foundation in 2003;
-Certificate of Completion of Capacity Development Program on NGO issued by CCC, PPenh in 2010
-Secondary Teacher Diploma, issued by Faculty of Pedagogy, Phnom Penh,1968

Research methodologies for Human rights evaluation and education;
NGO Good Governance; (Professionalism and Accountability; Fundamental of Research);
-Learning and Teaching Methods about and for Human Rights;.
-Education Science.

 -2y/2mth with UNV/Congo RDC, logistics officer, 2004-2006;
-1y/8mth with Foundation for International Development and Relief, FIDR, (education);
-2y with Cambodian Institute of Human Rights (human right teaching methodologies);
-4y with UNICEF (education);
-3y with IRC (education) and
-1y. with UNTAC.

Program Coordinator from 2007

Mr. Dos Roeungdeth

 Certificate of:
- Baccalaureate; in 1991
- Bachelor, option: Human Resource Management, issued by UME in 2010;
- ACD General English Program, level 12 in 2004

Effective Development, Industrial Relation, Project Management, Strategic Development, Operation Management, Marketing Research, Entrepreneurship, Organization Behavior, Money and Banking, Macro Economic, Proposal writing; Problem solving
and decision making process.

 - 9 months as clerk with UNTAC
- 4 years as admin assistant with Partage,
- 2 years as admin officer with Samakithor organization
- Admin manager of OEC from 1999.

Administrative Manager

Ms. Tith Kannya

Certificate of:
- Bachelor degree, option: Financial Management.

- Law tax in Camboldia
- Budget and Planning
- Financial Management
- Taxation in Cambodia
- Budgeting and planning
- Managerial accounting


- Primary teacher from 1980 to 2003.
- 11 years as a financial officer

Financial Manager from 1997

Ms. Chhim Vannara

- Baccalaureate in 2008
- Bachelor, option: Banking and Finance, in 2013




- General education
- Credit, accountant, management, business,

- Volunteer at UBB for 6 months
- Cashier,
- President of Staff Association

President of SA from 2012

Mr. Voeun Vannchhiv

- Baccalaureate in 1999
- Bachelor, option: Human Resource Management, in 2006






- General education;
- Planning, Selecting, Training, directing, motivation and evaluation.

- Support Staff in Small Medium and Enterprise (SME), 2003-2005
- World Vision as TDF, 2006-2008
- Sale Supervisor n TPLC, 2009-2010
- Credit Officer of TPC, 2011-2012
- Project Manager of DHA with OEC, from 2013.

Project Manager in charge of DRUG/HIV prevention, from 2013

Mr. Chhoeung Chhun

Baccalaureate in 1975






- Certificate of counseling skill (DOSAVY)
- Certificate of ACE (level 8)

- 17 years with Royal government (Admin & Environment)
- 12 years with OEC (disability, Education and livelihood)

Project Manager from 2001

Mr. Lek Hay

Certificate of:
- Baccalaureate of first cycle
- Diploma of professional improvement issued by Republic Federal of Germany


Professor of technique at art and professional faculty in Phnom Penh

- Technical director of agricultural mechanic enterprise.
- Director of department of mine and power.

Project Manager

Mr. Dim Peng An

Certificate of :
   - Baccalaureate of the first degree.
   - Diploma

- Primary school pedagogy
- Secondary school pedagogy
- Leadership of education

- One year of primary school teaching
- 6 years of secondary school teaching.
- 4 years of director of secondary
- 18 years of chief of district education



Project Manager Assistant

Mr. Meas Vicheth

Certificate of Bachelor degree of management

- Leadership
- Project management
- Operation management
- Strategic planning
- Financial account
- Proposal writing

- 4 years as logistic officer ILO in
- 4 years as reintegration officer
  (Friends in Battambang)
- 6 years as Socio-Economic project


Project Manager

Mr. Hak Sokly

Certificate of Bachelor degree of Business Administration in Accounting

- Fundamental management
- Economic
- Finance and Accounting
- Marketing

- 7 years as chief accountant with Hong Huot Ly Co. Ltd.
- 7 Months as Administration with
  World Vision
- 3 years as Project Manager with OEC



Project Manager at Pursat Sub-office

Mr. Hak Samphon

Certificate of:
   - Bacc II (1968-69)
   - Pedagogy (1969-70)

- The civil education/Good Governance workshop (1997)
- Administration course (1997)
- Harm Reduction workshop (2005)
- Treatment & Rehabilitation for Drug user (2005)
- Workshop on how to prevent children from trafficking and sexual exploitation linked to tourism (2006)
- National workshop on baseline behavior survey of drug users and their sex partners (2007)
- National workshop on provincial training & survey work plan development (2007)
- Workshop on comprehensive risk reduction services and drug use tool development (2009)
- Workshop on field participationers guide fosubstance use disorders (2010)

- 2 years with care and Cambodian Red Cross (1992-93)
- 3 years with OEC (2007-2009)
Primary school teacher (1970-75)
Government officer 1997-2006)
- 4 years as a Project Manager with OEC

President of Permanent Secretariat

Vin Sophon

Certificate of:
- Pedagogy Primary teacher
- Bachelor Degree
- Corer General English Program
- Certificate of trainings obtained
- Management, Strategic Management, Operation Management, Marketing Research, Entrepreneurship, Organization Behavior, Money and Banking, Macro Economics, Proposal writing and computer
- The Context of an Organization
- Training of Trainer
- Communicating for Advocacy
- Data Analysis
Report Writing Skill
-Mental Health Training
- Problem Solving and Decision Making
- Basic Health Education
- Strategic Planning

- Primary teacher from 1998 to 2004.
- 2 years of researcher with CHED
- 2 year of file offer with CHED
- 1 year of team leader with New life
- 3 year of file offer with OEC
- 1 year of Project Manager with OEC

  Project Manager

Mr. Oeur Kimhai

- Bachelor Degree
- Certificate of trainings obtained:
- Marketing Management
- Training of Trainer
- Communicating for Advocacy
- Data Analysis
- Report Writing Skill
- Mental Health Training
- Problem Solving and Decision Making
- Basic Health Education
- Strategic Planning
- Church Leader for 2 years, LBBC
- General Manager for 3 years, BPS Company
- Field Coordinator for 4 years, NCDP
- Project Manager for 4 years, CHED
- Project Assistant for 7 months with OEC (Nov-June 2012)
Project Manager
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