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Operations Enfants du Cambodge


Delegation of Authority Framework in OEC

I- Objectives:
The primary objective of this Organizational Directive is to establish a Framework for Delegations of Authority that will allow management practices to identify, formalize, delegate and track the exercise of authority in OEC in a uniform and coherent manner. The Framework for Delegations of Authority will allow all OEC personnel access to current information on authority within OEC, and will improve the understanding of authority, the transparency of OEC operational process and will result in improved accountability. The secondary objective of this Organizational Directive is to support the practice approach by ensuring that the Framework for Delegations of Authority functions as a decentralization but self-sustaining mechanism within each practice.

II- Sources of authority in OEC:

1. For the purposes of this Organizational Directive, the highest source of authority in OEC is the OEC By law, updated,
2. The Code of Ethical Principles and Conduct,
3. The Financial Policy, updated and
4. The present Organizational Directory

III- Effective date
The Delegation of Authority, based on the stated objectives, is established in the following framework with instructions and condition respecting the obligations set in the sources of authority II above. The delegates are made to positions at the most appropriate level and practical operations in OEC, tabled in function of reality and necessary or urgent needs. This Organizational Directive shall enter into force on …………. 2013.

Delegation of authority framework



Delegated Authority

Consultative Committee:

Management Committee (MT)



Permanent Delegation

Chairman of Management


Authorized to sign communication papers with all donors and institutions supporting the organization in the view of strengthening good practice for the interest of children and people with disabilities; sign invitation and inquiry papers for fact-finding to maintain the rule of law, transparency and responsiveness; sign invitation for special or extra meeting to prevent risk and ensure “Good Governance”.



Project Managers

Authorized to sign any expenditure worth from $50.00 downward.




Authorized to do internal and external communication, as well as with donors in quality of exchanging or clarifying information without affecting or deviating from the agreement, with always CC to admin and Executive Director.

Admin Manager

Authorized to do internal and external general correspondence as provision and exchange of information, but not in quality of policy maker or of decision maker, with always CC to Executive Director or the chargé of current affairs.



Authorized to do internal and external general financial correspondence for justness and correctness of financial management in the limit of budget and project agreement with no policy and no decision making.




The Permanent Secretariat for Code Observance

and reception

of complaints

Authorized to sign invitation for inquiry, paper asking for written clarification, assignment note for his/her team member(s) to accomplish investigation or to have fact-finding in problematic field. before making synthesis for MT or making recommendation, or proposal for an appropriated remedial action.




During absence of Executive Director in short and long mission, or sick leave, or in annual leave



Authorized to sign any routine affairs, any expenditure for the purpose set out in the budget and in the budgeting plan approved by donors, or in the agreement between OEC and Donors, assignment of staff for special mission related to OEC policy.




Authorized to sign recruitment and dismissal of OEC’s staff, new proposal and fundraising for operational development conformably with vision and mission of OEC.

Yes, common decision with MT

Chairman of



Authorized to sign proposal for any amendment, submitted to

approbation of the Board of directors



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