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Reference: Paragraph 12 of the Code of Ethical Principles and Conduct for OEC

A- Introduction
The Permanent Secretariat for Code Observance and reception of complaints is established in accordance with the above reference to ensure good implementation of professional, moral and individual disciplines in conformity with the fundamental and instructional documents of OEC, mainly the By-law; the Code of Ethical Principles and Conduct; Conflict of Interest Policy and the Child Rights Policy.

B- Composition of the Permanent Secretariat:

The composition of the permanent secretariat’s members is:

• A representative selected by Management Committee, team leader,

• A representative selected by leading committee of Staff Association, member.

B1.  Right and Duties of the Permanent Secretariat

a)      The permanent secretariat works in team and decides in consensus agreement. Job description and works sharing come out from a logical analysis of the both members.

b)     The permanent secretariat will not receive any complaints concerning purely private and individual affairs related to civil or criminal law of the country, outside of OEC scope. 

c)      The permanent secretariat is only in charge of receiving all internal complaints related to violation of the fundamental rules of OEC, human rights including gender abuse and democratic governance. They welcome all complaints related to unethical conduct, breach of professional discipline or maladministration, delay and corruption, including misuse of OEC asset, in order to strengthen democratic governance, and to eliminate all internal conflict.

d)     The permanent secretariat has additionally the obligation to receive any complaints revealing gender inequality, behaving through coercion and threat; intimidation; emotional abuse; male privilege and economical abuse in daily service either in office or in operational fields. 

e)      The permanent secretariat has no right to make any decision, but only to receive, register, sort, classify and document all complaints against any organizational bodies, sections, or injustice, or infraction of the OEC fundamental rules, as enumerated in the introduction, and then write a presentation paper for the management committee to act conformably to the instruction 6 of paragraph 11-21, chapter 6 of the OEC By-Law, with recommendation or proposal for an appropriated remedial action, to decide rightfully with regard to the “Conflict of Interest Policy”.

f)    The permanent secretariat receives also complaints coming from partners or related agencies against anybody, ill performing mission of OEC in the fields in the view of maintaining honor and prestige of the organization.

g)   The permanent secretariat has the rights to conduct investigation, contact defendant for necessary information, to call the complainant for clarification of what being unclear, or


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