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Reference: Paragraph 3 of the Code of Ethical Principles and Conduct

A- Introduction
The procurement committee is established in conformity with the above reference to ensure consistent and correct application of procurement practices and to assure transparency in OEC.

B- Composition of the Procurement Committee
The procurement committee’s members are:
  • A representative of Management Committee, chairman,
  • A representative of finance section, member,
  • A representative of Staff Association, member.

During the absence of the chairman, the representative of staff association or the representative of finance section will be assigned to chair the procurement committee. A member among the both will be assigned by the committee to be permanent secretary.
The mandate of the Procurement Committee is two years renewable, evaluated by the Management Committee and approved by the Executive Director.

C- Matter for Procurement Committee Consideration
In fact considering the activities of the different projects, not at a great level, the purchase for OEC is practically done by a unique way, direct purchase. All purchases whose price begins from $200.00 and more require absolute quotations coming originally from three different suppliers sources.

C-1. Purchase Request (PR):
The concerned project must submit a purchase request mentioning clearly the quantity, type, technical requirement, series and capacity, the stage of the product, physical availability with timeframe, supported by three suppliers’ written quotations. If there are no written quotations available, it is recommended that any verbal offers be documented.

The evaluation and selection of suppliers will be carried out by the Procurement Committee. This ensures that all aspects of the purchases are considered and that the process is transparent and impartial. The key considerations for the direct purchasing include: 1) fair competition, 2) economic/reasonable prices possible, 3) selections of the best value for the money, 4) proportionality between the procedures applied and the purchase values, and 5) proper documentation. In short, to select the suppliers, the procurement committee takes into account necessary factors, such as price, quality, experience of suppliers, production capacity, etc.

C-2. Single Quote: Single quote means purchases of supplies from a single supplier at the quoted price. This is the least preferred method and shall only be used on exceptional basis and at OEC discretion. The order may be placed on the basis of single quote in the following cases:

  1. There is a need to purchase supplies in response to primary emergency situation.
  2. Under the direct purchasing procedure and despite some sourcing efforts, there is no or only one interested supplier submit quotation. This might be due to physical availability of required supplies and/or logistical hindrance to deliver supplies to a specific area.
  3. Purchase orders or contracts have a value below $500.00. In addition it is important to have some written note stated in purchase request or order with the reason why single quotation is applicable for a particular purchase endorsed by procurement committee.
C-3. Purchase order (PO):

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