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Operations Enfants du Cambodge


In the view of improving operational capabilities for the interest of national society, coming out of the strong foundation of the Operations Enfants du Cambodge, full of harmony and protection of staff-well-being, leading to succeed the vision, missions supported by its core values, all staff members of the Operations Enfants du Cambodge decided unanimously creating a Staff Association to save and protect the efficacy of the organization reinforced by the well-being of all staffs.


The Staff Association commits itself to respect and comply with the following regulations:

  • Article 31 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia about recognition of the bills of rights stated in the covenants and conventions of the United Nations, including article 36 related to rights and creation of trade union.
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, especially article 20 concerning freedom of peaceful assembly and creation of association. 
  • Labor law of the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • The by-law of the Operations Enfants du Cambodge.
  • Code of Ethical Principles and Conduct of the Operations Enfants du Cambodge which has described the creation of staff association and its functions.

The leading comity of the staff association is composed of:

  1. President of the association, elected by relative majority.
  2. Liaison-person, elected by relative majority.
  3. Secretary, assigned by unanimous decision of the both, president and secretary.
  4. Accountant, elected by secret votes among the first three persons, president, liaison-person and secretary.

The leading comity of the association has a mandate of three (3) years, counted from the elected date. Every member has the right to resign from its function, subject to presenting logical reason, and approving by majority voice of the comity. Any member appointed by election should be replaced by a new elected.

In case that any member has broken the by-law or code of ethical principles and conduct, the executive committee of the Operations Enfants du Cambodge has the rights to declare not recognizing the subject, and asking to have a replacement.


The President

  • He is the saver and protector of democracy, human rights, justice and well-being of staff in the Operations Enfants du Cambodge to strengthen harmony for the interest of national society and children, in the scope of the by-law and the code of ethical principles and conduct, having the democratic governance as foundation.
  • He is a rapporteur, reporter and a liaison person between staff members and the executive committee of the organization for operational success following democratic governance. 
  • He is the representative of staff before the organization and in any association having similar goals. 
  • He is an initiator and assembler of ideas to find out the way for developing cultural, social, economic and professional capabilities of the staff. He is the solver of all internal conflict between staff together, and between staff and the organization or executive committee. 
  • He is the guardian of gender equality bringing men and women to get equality of opportunity, equality in outcome, dignity and right to participate in common decision making.

The liaison person

  • He makes direct relation with all staff members, individually, in group of both sexes at all levels to exchange ideas, enlighten application process, collect feedback for analysis with the president of association, taking base on existing regulations, logic, and then looking for solution, if there are some irregularities.
  • He is a collector and disseminator of general information, in so making relation with other associations, national and international to develop cultural and professional capabilities for improvement of the organization, 
  • He is the watcher of the implementation of by-law and code of ethical principles and conduct, and also the facilitator all any staff meeting. 
  • He plays presidential role conformably to assignment in opportune time.

The secretary

  • He has the role to keep all documents of the association, arrange meeting sessions and elaborating minutes, including correspondence under supervision of the liaison person, after unanimously accepted.
  • He is in charge of receiving all suggestion papers or causative report submitted by staff members to be submitted to the leading committee for further action.

The accountant

  • He is responsible for managing financial affairs of the association by keeping money in saving account.

Association criteria


  • All staffs have the right to adhere to the association.
  • Managing members and members of the executive committee have no right to be candidate for being elected as member of the leading committee member of the association.
  • Staff in position of probation has no right to be member of the association.
  • Members of the association have the right to adhere individually to any political party, but shall not use their belief and influence introducing in the association.


  • Members of the association are volunteers working cumulatively with their official function in the organization, and not causing loss of time, asset and mission of the organization, but for common interest, that is to achieve the vision, missions of the organization and to promote rights and freedom of children.

Meeting of Staff Association

  • General meeting of staff association will be organized in function of causative requirement, proposed by leading committee of the association, or by a group of at least 20 signatories of staff members with solid argument.


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